Old aged people transport to doctor, hospital and back to home

Dear old aged Guests! JoeShuttleBudapest is a new company, and according to this, we try to serve You in the most wide range of sevices, guaranteeing the sense of responsability.

Our company undertake many types of transportation of old aged people, mostly in the Capital. Our minibus is ready to transport You to a doctor, to the surgery in the case if you have no possibility to drive yourself, if your friend or relatives are not with you or You dont want to ask them a favour for any reason.

We take You, were You would like to go, but please note, we dont replace the ambulance, and we dont' have any licence to treat like them, so please take in evidence, when you order. All against this, the people who can walk on their feet ,and undertake our transportation rules , we serve with high help and maximum care.If one of your relatives or your friends would like to accompany you we wont count additional charge for him.

For any detail, please call Joe, on the phone number, under the contact menu.