Old aged people transport to baths or spa, there and back, door to door

Let us help you in your everyday life or in special occasions, when your free time allows you, to go to a thermal bath or spa, for a day, or to spend a longer time, for instance for a treatment in a thermal complex in Hungary or surrounding countries (Romania, Slovakia, easily approachable from Budapest airport).

We can transport you to these destinations in great comfort, with helping you, with your bags or luggage loading in the minibus and at the destination you get the same service and our maximum care as well. We speak English, so the communication during your visit will be smooth and easy. We offer special price for every dear guest, taking in to consideration many factors, circumstances and whishes obtaining so the best and unique price. In case of have any question, feel free to write a preorder on our form and we will answer you soon, trying to find the best solution and the best transfer price to you.