Bachelor day parties

Please be informed that we launched a new service; organizing bachelor days! As you read the name of the service that is talking a lot about itself, but we have to add some more details considering the fact that we provide this service here in Budapest, for anybody who wants to spend that very unique and special one or two very last, free and care- free days of your life.

We organize completely your whole stay, the programs which you choose or what we offer, the transfers, the hotel, different interesting and amusing programs, we give you advice and reserve the restaurant, and of course we provide your transportation during these programs, transportation being our main profile.

The best prices we can guarantee up to 16 persons, but we can make the arrangements for bigger groups too. If you feel interesting or challenging above ideas, feel free to send an email and then we can talk the details of your program, to get the best out all from this. We work for your enjoyment, good mood and your fulfillment, and we guaranty the maximal discretion.