Our vehicles

We provide also security child seat for your request, plese in need, ask for it on our order form, giving us also the number of the children, travelling with you. Click here to fill our order form »

Our shuttlebuses has place enough for your luggage, but in the case of extra luggage we connect our luggage trailer, of course for an extra charge. In these cases you must tell us well in advance, the number and weight of your bags to be able calculate and to make for you the journey more comfortable.

If you travel with a a bigger group, we manage your transportation, with our partners who working with us also, will give you a reasonable price offer.

Our vehicles at the moment are the two minibuses on the picture, both has 9 seats, with abs-asr, and air condition, isofix technology, gps navigation system, and in a few weeks, we hope the free wifi connection, also will be enjoyable in our shuttlebuses for our guests !